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Log in to LogRhythm NDR

LogRhythm NDR is secured by a two-factor authentication mechanism that includes SSL client authentication and local service authentication. The client certificate installation process must be performed only once.

To log in to LogRhythm NDR:

  1. Install your client certificate that was supplied by LogRhythm. For more information on installing the client certificate on your browser, see Generate and Download an SSL Certificate for an Operator.

    All members of your organization share one client certificate.

  2. After installing the client certificate on your browser, close all open windows of that browser.
  3. Reopen the browser where you installed the client certificate, and navigate to https://<companyname>
  4. Enter your username and password.
  5. Click Login.
    After you have successfully logged in, the LogRhythm NDR Main Dashboard appears.
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