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Create an Operator

  1. Log in to the LogRhythm NDR site as an administrator.
  2. Click the Settings tab. 
  3. In the drop-down menu, click Operational, and then click Operators.
    The Operators page appears.
  4. In the upper-right corner, click Add Operator.
    A password dialogue box appears.
  5. Enter your password, and click Submit.
    The Create Operator page appears.
  6. Complete the required fields (denoted with an asterisk).

    First Name*Enter the new user's first name.Joe
    Last Name*Enter the new user's last name.Smith
    User Name*Enter the new user's user name.joes
    E-Mail*Enter the new user's

    Enter the new user's temporary password.

    Passwords must have a minimum of eight (8) characters and must include at least one (1) of each character type:

    • upper case
    • lower case
    • number
    • special character
    Confirm Password*Re-enter the new user's temporary password.aB3$qW62

    Select the new user's role.

    User RoleCapability
    AdministratorUser has full control over LogRhythm NDR settings and views.
    Security AnalystUser has ability to view incident data, investigate users and hosts, label users and hosts as Critical or Watched, and mark incidents.
    Read-only Security AnalystUser is only able to view incident data and investigate users and hosts.
    Security Analyst
    (Optional) Expiry DateEnter the date when the new user's access will expire. Click in the field, and select a date from the calendar.2021-12-31
    Active*Select the check box to activate the new user immediately. N/A
    (Optional) Email Notification

    Select the check box to send email notifications to the user about alarms, incidents, threats, and other events.

    When a new account is created, the new user automatically receives an email inviting them to complete the set up process. This check box only applies to notifications after initial set up is complete.

    (Optional) User PhotoClick Choose File to upload a photo of the new user.N/A
    Country*Enter the country where the new user works.US
    State*Enter the state where the new user works.CA
    Locality*Enter the city where the new user works.sunnyvale
    Organization*Enter the name of the new user's organization.Company X
    Organizational Unit*Enter the new user's organizational unit.IT
    (Optional) DescriptionEnter a description.Joe is a security analyst in IT at Company X.
  7. Click Create Operator.

    The newly added user now appears in the Operators Table.

    The newly added user must have an SSL certificate to access the site directly. For instructions on obtaining SSL certificates, see Generate and Download an SSL Certificate for an Operator.

    If you click Cancel, the new operator is not created. The Create Operator page closes, and the Operator Table page appears.

    If you click Reset, the information you entered in all fields is erased.

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