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2023.05 Release Notes

MistNet NDR has been renamed LogRhythm NDR.

During a transition period, you will see both names referenced in our documentation. In a later release, the user interface (UI) will be updated to include only references to LogRhythm NDR. At that time, our documentation will also be updated to only reference LogRhythm NDR.

Resolved Issues

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Release Notes

ENG-29213N/AThe external IP address of the VPN activity is now available in the exported CSV file.
ENG-24525N/AThe PCAP download option in the Case Events tab has now been removed.
ENG-25581456297The regular expression checkboxes are now working correctly to eliminate logs of duplicate Whitelist entries. 
ENG-32184N/ANDR old UI now lets users log in by entering their credentials once.


458691The Bytes field is now removed for values equivalent to 0. The field is visible to the users only for non-zero byte values.
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