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2022.10 Release Notes

MistNet NDR has been renamed LogRhythm NDR.

During a transition period, you will see both names referenced in our documentation. In a later release, the user interface (UI) will be updated to include only references to LogRhythm NDR. At that time, our documentation will also be updated to only reference LogRhythm NDR.

Resolved Issues

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Release Notes

DE14817431254NDR now integrates with Active Directory (AD) even if AD has been hardened.

Mail sent message is no longer shown in the MUI when there is invalid sender mail ID.

DE15360430263LDAP query now picks only computers and not groups.
DE15321441187LDAP query now fetches users and groups are added as hosts to MistNet when LDAP integration is used.
DE16177449795, 448847, 448850, 448852, 448857, 448863, 448865, 448867, 448869, 448871, 448870, 448874, 448872, 448873, 448876, 448877, 448862 AD sync is now working correctly.
DE14855N/AA3 field data now consistently exports to the JA3 column.

Resolved Issues - Security

Security-related issues resolved with this release are available for customers to view on the Community.

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