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Use the Analyzer Grid

To access the Analyzer grid on the Dashboards page or Analyze page:

  1. On the lower-right side of the page, click the Logs tab. 
    By default, the Favorites heading is selected and shows the most common and important metadata fields for log analysis. 
  2. (Optional) To add columns of metadata fields to the Favorites heading, click the Star icon to the right of the metadata field name.
  3. (Optional) Select a heading to show a different type of metadata field. Note the following:

    1. If your browser is set to a very narrow width, you can access the headings though the list in the upper-right corner of the grid.

    2. If you are running a tail, scrolling down in the grid pauses the live updates. The upper-left side of the grid indicates how many new log came in since the updates stopped. To see them, click Load Latest.

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