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Configure LogRhythm DPAWC + DX for FIPS Mode

The DPAWC + DX deployment configuration is a two-machine deployment. The communications between the two machines must be configured for FIPS mode.

The DPAWC Appliance includes the Data Processor, Platform Manager, AIE, and Web Console. The DX Appliance runs the Data Indexer.

The DPAWC Appliance runs all LogRhythm services on a single Windows 2016 machine, except for the Data Indexer (DX) services. The DX services run on one RHEL 7 machine. Stunnel is used to encrypt the communications between the DPAWC and DX nodes using FIPS-approved algorithms. Note that these communications are already strongly encrypted; however, the implementation of the algorithms have not been formally FIPS 140-2 certified. For more information on the status of LogRhythm SIEM 7.8 and its components, see the CMVP Modules in Process List

DPAWC System Requirements

Operating System

Windows 2016


Intel Xeon Gold 6136

Services Within the Logical Crypto Boundary

  • LogRhythm Core Services
  • LogRhythm Administration
  • LogRhythm Web Console Services
  • LogRhythm AIE Services
  • LogRhythm API Services
  • API Gateway
  • Service Registry
  • Notification Service
  • TIS Client
  • SQL Service
  • Windows Authentication Service

DX System Requirements

Operating System



Intel Xeon Gold 6132

Services Within the Logical Crypto Boundary

  • LogRhythm DX Services
  • API Gateway
  • Service Registry
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