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Web Console

Default Dashboards 

Users cannot modify the default dashboards. They have to clone them before customizing, if necessary. 

Importing Dashboards 

If you want to import a dashboard, you will need to ensure that the dashboard permissions are set to "public" before it is exported. You should also validate that there are no widgets present on the dashboard that LR Cloud-restricted administrators do not have permission to view (for example, the database utilization widget). 

Once the permissions and widgets are correct, you can export the dashboard and then import it into your cloud environment. 

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA is turned on and required for Web Console login.

Single Sign-on (SSO)

SAML SSO is supported for Web Console sign-in and can be configured with professional services during onboarding or through a support case.s


The following widgets are unavailable to the client by default. 

  • Database Usage. 
  • Component Status. 

Allowing access to these widgets would cause customer confusion around deployment even though the environment is healthy. In LRCloud, the initial database sizes are small and they grow as needed. Other areas and automation done behind the scenes can cause these types of critical alerts as well. To prevent any doubts about stability and false positive support cases, these widgets are not currently available. 

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