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User Permissions

The permissions applied to the LRCloud User Profile are listed here. This is the default "administrator" account provided to customers. 

Customers can create additional user profiles as necessary. There are no global administrator accounts available to the customer.

Last updated on December 3, 2021

SIEM version: 7.8.0


The primary site is granted permission by default. As the customer creates additional entities, they will also inherit the granted permission.

Log Sources Access Rights

Inherited by access to entities.

Data Processor Access Rights

All DPs are granted.

SR Plugins Access Rights

LRC does not preload any SmartResponse Plugins; no rights provided by default. Customers will be the owners of the SRPs when imported and they will inherit grant rights.

Management Permissions

CategoryPrivilege NameViewManage
EntitiesDisplay / Manage Entities(tick)(tick)
EntitiesManage Re-Organization Wizard(tick)(tick)
System MonitorDisplay / Manage System Monitor Agents(tick)(tick)
System MonitorManage Data Loss Defender Policies(tick)(tick)
System MonitorManage File Integrity Monitor Policies(tick)(tick)
System MonitorManage Real Time Integrity Monitor Policies(tick)(tick)
System MonitorDisplay / Manage System Monitor Configuration Policy Manager(tick)(tick)
System MonitorManage Agent Upgrade Packages(tick)(tick)
Network MonitorManage Network Monitor(tick)(tick)
Log SourcesDisplay / Manage Log Sources(tick)(tick)
Log SourcesWindows Host Wizard(tick)(tick)
Log SourcesManage Log Source Type(tick)(tick)
Log SourcesManage Automatic Log Source Configuration(tick)(tick)
Log SourcesManage Log Visualizations Template Policies(tick)(tick)
Log SourcesManage Automatic Log Source Acceptance Rules(tick)(tick)
Data ProcessingManage Data Processors(error)(error)
Data ProcessingManage Log Processing Policies(tick)(tick)
Data ProcessingManage MPE Rules(tick)(tick)
Data ProcessingManage Common Events(tick)(tick)
Data ProcessingManage Application(error)(error)
Data ProcessingManage Common Event Change Manager(tick)(tick)
Data ProcessingManage Data Masking Rules(tick)(tick)
Data ProcessingManage Global Log Processing Policies(tick)(tick)
AI EngineManage AI Engines(tick)(tick)
AI EngineManage AI Engine Rules(tick)(tick)
AI EngineManage AI Engine Rule Actions(tick)(tick)
Lists and FiltersDisplay / Manage Lists(tick)(tick)
Lists and FiltersManage Composite Filters(tick)(tick)
Search and ReportDisplay and Run Investigations(tick)(tick)
Search and ReportDisplay and Run Tails(tick)(tick)
Search and ReportManage Report Templates, Reports and Report Packages(tick)(tick)
Search and ReportManage Schedule Jobs for Reports(tick)(tick)
Search and ReportManage SecondLook(error)(error)
Monitor and AlarmManage Alarm Rules(tick)(tick)
Monitor and AlarmManage Alarm Rule Actions(tick)(tick)
Monitor and AlarmManage Notifications(tick)(tick)
Monitor and AlarmDisplay Personal Dashboard(error)(error)
Monitor and AlarmDisplay Personal Alarms(error)(error)
Monitor and AlarmManage Global AI Engine Events(tick)(tick)
Monitor and AlarmDisplay Alarm Viewer(tick)(tick)
Automate and OrchestrateManage Smart Response Plug-ins(tick)(tick)
Automate and OrchestrateManage LogRhythm Case Management(tick)(tick)
UsersManage People and Users(tick)(tick)
UsersManage User Profiles(tick)(tick)
UsersManage User Preferences(tick)(tick)
UsersManage Active Directory(error)(error)
UsersManage Object Permissions(error)(error)
UsersManage Security Manager(error)(error)
General AdministrationDeployment Manager(tick)(error)
General AdministrationManage Platform Managers(error)(error)
General AdministrationManage CloudAI Access(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationImport and Manage Knowledgebase(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationManage TrueIdentity(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationManage LogRhythm API Access(error)(error)
General AdministrationManage License File Import(error)(error)
General AdministrationDisplay License Report(tick)(error)
General AdministrationDatabase Usage Widget (Web Console)(error)(error)
General AdministrationComponent Status Widget (Web Console)(error)(error)
General AdministrationProcessing Widget (Web Console)(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationThreat Widget (Web Console)(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationManage Tags (Web Console)(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationManage Case Widgets (Web Console)(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationManage All Cases (Web Console)(tick)(tick)
General AdministrationSingle Sign-On Management (Web Console)(tick)(tick)
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