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CloudAI and TrueIdentity

Set up CloudAI

The majority of CloudAI configuration is completed in advance by the LRCloud team. But, there are a few steps that the customer needs to complete.

The setup steps are:

  1. Open a support case requesting an LR API token to be used with the TrueIdentity Sync Client.
  2. Install and launch TrueIdentity Sync Client on a server in the customer's environment with Active Directory access. 
  3. Create a TrueIdentity Sync Job using:
    1. The API token requested
    2. The API Endpoint URL: 
      • Do not forget to change the "CustomerName" in the URL to match the customer's environment.

      • The TrueIdentity Sync Client User Guide and the guidance in the Sync Client instructs users to add ":8501" or ":8505" to the end of their URL. Neither of these is accurate for LogRhythm Cloud customers as we use "443" instead. The TrueIdentity Sync Client requires a port number at the end of the string and will not allow a URL without it.
  4. Create a list of monitored identities.
Customers should use the Client Console to add users to the monitored identity list. At this time, the API and Web Console do not have permissions to add to this system list.
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