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Initialize Users in the Web Configuration

The SOAP API needs an application account to use for global caching, set in the web.config with the lines shown below. If you will not use one of the two authorization types, you can comment out that section. The first time the application starts, or if a session cannot find the global caching, it is recreated. If you are using SQL authentication, it uses the credentials provided to create the global caching connection. If you are using Windows authentication, it uses the application pool account.

File Location: \\..\LogRhythm\WebSiteRoot\LogRhythm.API\Web.config

For SQL authentication, make sure your account has the WebServiceAdmin role.

ApplicationAccount: username
ApplicationAccountKey: password

The value for ApplicationAccountKey must be encrypted with LRCrypt, which is installed with the System Monitor. You need to manually copy the encrypted password from the LRCrypt output and paste it into web.config for ApplicationAccountKey. For more information about using LRCrypt, see the LogRhythm Security topic in the Client Console's application Help.

<!--Begin SQL Application Account Settings--> 
<add key="ApplicationAccountType" value="SQL"/>
<add key="ApplicationAccount" value="************"/>
<add key="ApplicationAccountKey" value="************"/>
<!--End SQL Application Account Settings-->

For Windows authentication, leave the values for ApplicationAccount and AppplicationAccountKey empty, as the Windows account assigned to the application pool is used for authentication.

<!--Begin Windows Application Account Settings-->< 
<add key="ApplicationAccountType" value="WindowsAccountType"/>
<add key="ApplicationAccount" value=""/>
<add key="ApplicationAccountKey" value=""/>
<!--End Windows Application Account Settings-->

If the EMDB changes in the future, edit the following entry: <add key="EMDBDatabaseHostvalue="New EMDB IP Address" />

For more information, see SOAP API Windows Authentication Setup (LogRhythm 7.x.x).

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