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Configure the IIS Application Pool to Use the Service Account

The LogRhythm Web Service Application Pool needs a user that has a LogRhythm “WebServiceAdmin” account role. The account also needs to have Web API access granted on the User Profile page. This should be a new user specifically used by the LogRhythm SOAP API. This will not be set up by the installer, so a new user will need to be created and selected manually. For detailed instructions, see SOAP API Windows Authentication Setup (LogRhythm 7.x.x).

  1. On the Web Service API server, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Select Application Pools.
  3. Open the Advanced Settings for the LogRhythmAppPool.
  4. Open the Identity dialog.
  5. Select Custom Account and enter the account name and password for the service account.
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