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Featured Objects 7.2 Object Collection Guide


The LogRhythm Knowledge Base now includes a new module named Object Collection: Report Templates: 7.2  Featured Objects. This module contains Case Report Templates that can be used to create and run Case Metric Reports.


This module is only compatible with 7.2 environments and later due to the release-specific objects required for the included reports. Customers on releases prior to 7.2 should not attempt to import this module, as it will cause the Knowledge Base Sync to fail.

Error Handling

Module Contents

The following table describes the Report Templates that are included in the module.

Report Name

Report Description

Report ID

Case Details

Summary of all cases open/closed in the date period selected, a paged report with information about each case


Case Metrics by Time

A CSV-Friendly Case Timestamp Report – intended to be exported as a CSV, provides a data dump of cases and all associated data for a given time range so they can use it in Excel, for example, to calculate metrics or generate custom reports as they choose


Case Metrics Rollup

Averaging the below metrics for a given period of time - not broken down by any case properties right now


Case Metrics Summary

Breakdown of case count grouped by status, priority, owners


Case Metrics Tags Summary

Breakdown of case count grouped by tags and status


Case Metrics Details

Calculated metrics for below-defined metrics per case


 The following Metrics are calculated in these reports:

  • Case Duration. The time elapsed between Case creation and Case closing or resolution.
  • Time to Response. The time elapsed between Case creation and Case mitigation.
  • Incident Duration. The elapsed between which a Case is marked as in Incident and when it is resolved.
  • Time to Incident Recognition. The time elapsed between Case creation and when it is marked as an Incident.

Create Report from the Template

  1. After syncing the module, click the Report Center on the main toolbar.
  2. Click the Report Templates tab and filter the Template Type column by Case Management.
  3. Right-click the report template you’d like to use, and then click New Report from Report Template.
  4. Complete the Report Wizard steps to create and configure the new report.

    You cannot configure the Log Source Criteria or Additional Report Criteria since those are not applicable to Case Data.
  5. The report appears in the Reports tab.

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