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CCF – Pre-Implementation Checklist


Log Sources List

CCF Log Source List

Log Sources

CCF: Data Storage Systems


CCF: Production Servers


CCF: Security Systems


CCF: Physical Security Systems


CCF: Network Security Systems


CCF: File Integrity Monitors


CCF: Database Systems


CCF: Network Access Control Systems


CCF: All Log Sources


User List

CCF User Lists


CCF: User Whitelist


CCF: User Blacklist


CCF: Privileged Accounts


CCF: Third Party Account List


CCF: Default Account List


CCF: Business Users List


CCF: Terminated Account List


Group Lists (General Value)

CCF Group/General Value List


CCF: Privileged Groups


Location Lists

CCF Location Lists

Locations (Country or Region)

Network: Blacklisted Countries


CCF: Whitelisted Regions


CCF: Blacklisted Regions


Application Lists

CCF Application List


Insecure Applications List


Network: Search: SSL/TLS


Network: TLS Applications


Entity Lists

CCF Entity List


CCF: Critical Servers-Systems


Host Lists

CCF Host List


CCF: All Hosts


GDPR: All Hosts


UAE-NESA: All Hosts


NIST 800-53: All Hosts


NIST 800-171: All Hosts


NY-DFS: All Hosts


CJIS: All Hosts


ISO 27001: All Hosts
ASD: All Hosts

Network Devices


Network Lists

CCF Network List


CCF: Internal Environment List


CCF: External Environment List


CCF: Wireless Environment List


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