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Syslog - Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW

Device Details

Device NameForcepoint Stonesoft NGFW
Device TypeNext Generation Firewall
Supported Model Name/NumberN/A
Supported Software VersionAll
Collection MethodSyslog
Configurable Log OutputN/A
Log Source TypeSyslog - Forcepoint Stonesoft NGFW
Log Processing PolicyLogRhythm Default
Additional Information

Supported Log Messages

(List of LR Tags used to parse the log information for each message type)


Product Version

Supported Schema Fields

Alert MessagesAll<version>, <vmid>, <objectname>, <cve>, <severity>, <sport>, <login>, <dip>, <subject>, <url>, <session>, <command>, <sinterface>, <dinterface>, <protnum>, <dport>, <sip>
Catch All : Level 1All<severity>
Catch All : Level 2All<severity>, <version>, <vmid>, <command>, <subject>, <sport>, <sname>, <dname>, <dip>

Firewall Messages

All<version>, <vmid>, <objectname>, <severity>, <sport>, <dip>, <object>, <session>, <command>, <sinterface>, <dinterface>, <protnum>, <dport>, <bytesin>, <bytesout>, <sip>
Firewall Messages - v6.2.XAll<version>, <vmid>, <command>, <severity>, <packetsin>, <packetsout>, <url>, <tag1>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>, <dport>, <sport>, <dnatip>, <snatip>, <action>, <sinterface>, <protnum>, <dip>, <sip>, <dname>
Firewall Messages - v6.3.XAll<severity>, <version>, <vmid>, <command>, <url>, <packetsin>, <packetsout>, <object>, <objectname>, <subject>, <dnatip>, <snatip>, <action>, <sinterface>, <protnum>, <dport>, <sport>, <dip>, <sip>, <dname>
Firewall Messages - V6.4/6.5/6.6/6.7All<severity>, <version>, <vmid>, <command>, <login>, <objecttype>, <packetsin>, <packetsout>, <object>, <protname>, <objectname>, <dnatip>, <snatip>, <subject>, <dnatport>, <snatport>, <object>, <action>, <dinterface>, <dport>, <sport>, <dip>, <sip>, <dname>

Firewall Messages - V6.5.8

All<severity>, <version>, <vmid>, <command>, <dname>, <sip>, <dip>, <sport>,<dport>, <protnum>, <sinterface>, <dinterface>, <action>, <objectname>, <object>, <subject>
IPS MessagesAll<version>, <vmid>, <objectname>, <severity>, <sport>, <login>, <dmac>, <dip>, <subject>, <object>, <url>, <session>, <command>, <sinterface>, <dinterface>, <protnum>, <dport>, <bytesin>, <bytesout>, <sip>, <smac>

Revision History

KB Version

Log Type

Change Type


KB 7.1.598.0N/ADocumentationUpdated documentation

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