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Pattern 18 : Spam Quarantine

Vendor Documentation


Rule NameRule TypeClassificationCommon Event
Pattern 18 : Spam Quarantine
Base RuleOps/InformationGeneral Information
Vacuumed Messages ElapsedSub RuleOps/InformationVacuumed Messages Elapsed
Vacuum FinishedSub RuleOps/InformationVacuum Finished
Inactive Users PurgedSub RuleOps/InformationInactive Users Purged
Vacuum StartedSub RuleAudit/Startup and ShutdownProcess/Service Started
Task EndedSub RuleAudit/OtherTask Ended
User Purge CompletedSub RuleOps/InformationUser Purge Completed
Task StartedSub RuleAudit/Startup and ShutdownProcess/Service Started
Scheduled Task CreatedSub RuleAudit/ConfigurationConfiguration Enabled : System
Index Not UsedSub RuleOps/InformationIndex Not Used
Expired Message PurgedSub RuleOps/InformationExpired Message Purged

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData TypeSchema Description









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