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Junos Syslog Event

Vendor Documentation


Rule NameRule TypeClassificationCommon Event
Junos Syslog EventBase RuleInformationGeneral Security Information

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhythm Schema

Data Type

Schema Description

N/AN/AN/AThe time when the log was generated on the SRX Series device.
N/AN/AN/AThe time when the log was received on the log collector.
N/AN/AN/AThe name of the SRX Series device.
N/A<vendorinfo>Text/StringThe event name of the log.
Source-CountryN/AN/AThe source country name.
source-address<sip>IP AddressThe source IP address from where the event occurred.
Destination-CountryN/AN/ADestination country name from where the event occurred.
destination-address<dip>IP AddressThe destination IP address of the event.
source-port<sport>NumberThe source port of the event.
destination-port<dport>NumberThe destination port of the event.
Description<subject>Text/StringThe description of the log.
Attack-name<threatname>Text/StringAttack name of the log: Trojan, worm, virus, etc.
Threat-Severity<severity>Text/StringThe severity level of the threat.
Policy Name<policy>Text/StringThe policy name in the log.
UTM-category or Virus-NameN/AN/AThe UTM category of the log.
URL<url>Text/StringAccessed URL name that triggered the event.
Event categoryN/AN/AThe event category of the log.
Username<account>Text/StringThe username of the log.
Action<action>Text/StringAction taken for the event: warning, allow, and block.
Log-SourceN/AN/AThe IP address of the log source.
ApplicationN/AN/AThe application name from which the events or logs are generated
Hostname<sname>Text/StringThe host name in the log.
Service-NameN/AN/AThe name of the application service. For example, FTP, HTTP, SSH, etc.
Nested-ApplicationN/AN/AThe nested application in the log.
source-zone-nameN/AN/AThe source zone of the log.
destination-zone-nameN/AN/AThe destination zone of the log.
Protocol-ID<protnum>NumberThe protocol ID in the log.
RolesN/AN/AThe role name associated with the log.
Reason<reason>Text/StringThe reason for the log generation. For example, a connection tear down may have an associated reason such as authentication failed.
NAT-Source-Port<snatport>NumberThe translated source port.
NAT-Destination-Port<dnatport>NumberThe translated destination port.
NAT-Source-Rule-NameN/AN/AThe NAT source rule name.
NAT-Destination-Rule-NameN/AN/AThe NAT destination rule name.
NAT-Source-address<snatip>IP AddressThe translated (or natted) source IP address. It can contain IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
nat-destination-address<dnatip>IP AddressThe translated (also called natted) destination IP address.
Traffic-Session-ID<session>NumberThe traffic session ID of the log.
Path-NameN/AN/AThe path name of the log.
Logical-system-NameN/AN/AThe name of the logical system.
Rule-NameN/AN/AThe name of the rule.
Profile-NameN/AN/AThe name of the All events profile that triggered the event.
Client-Hostname<dname>Text/StringHostname of the client.
Malware-InfoN/AN/AInformation of the malware.
Logical-Subsystem-NameN/AN/AThe name of the logical system in JSA logs.
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