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F5 LTM MCPD Messages


Rule NameRule TypeCommon EventClassification
F5 LTM MCPD MessagesBase RuleGeneral Attack ActivityAttack
Abuse Of Functionality MessageSub RuleSuspicious Facility ActivitySuspicious
Injection MessageSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
XML Parser AttackSub RuleGeneral Attack ActivityAttack
WebSocket Parser AttackSub RuleGeneral Attack ActivityAttack
Web Scraping MessageSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Vulnerability Scan MessageSub RulePhishing ActivityAttack
Trojan/Backdoor/Spyware ActivitySub RulePossible Trojan ActivityMalware
SQL-Injection MessageSub RuleSQL InjectionAttack
Session Hijacking MessageSub RuleSession Hijacking ActivityAttack
Server-Side Request Forgery  MessageSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Server Side Code Injection MessagesSub RulePhishing ActivityAttack
Remote File Include MessagesSub RuleRemote File InclusionAttack
Predictable Resource Location MessagesSub RuleSuspicious Host ActivitySuspicious
Path Traversal MessageSub RuleDirectory TraversalAttack
Non-browser Client MessageSub RuleSuspicious User ActivitySuspicious
Malicious File Upload MessageSub RulePhishing ActivityAttack
LDAP Injection MessageSub RuleLDAP MessageActivity
JSON Parser Attack MessageSub RuleJSON HijackingActivity
Injection Attempt MessageSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Information Leakage MessageSub RuleData Leak DetectedWarning
HTTP Response Split MessageSub RuleHTTP ResponseInformation
HTTP Smuggling AttackSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
HTTP Parser AttackSub RuleGeneral ActivityActivity
Brute Force Attack ActivitySub RuleBrute Force ActivityAttack
Buffer Overflow MessagesSub RuleBuffer Overflow/UnderflowAttack
Cache Poisoning ActivitySub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) MessageSub RuleCross-Site ScriptingAttack
Cross-site Request Forgery MessageSub RuleCross-Site Request ForgeryAttack
Denial Of Service MessageSub RuleApplication Denial Of ServiceDenial Of Service
Evasion Detection MessageSub RuleHTML Script Extension EvasionActivity
Directory Indexing MessageSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Forceful Browsing ActivitySub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Parameter Tampering MessageSub RuleParameter MismatchWarning
Command Execution MessageSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious
Authentication/Authorization AttacksSub RuleSuspicious ActivitySuspicious

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData Type
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