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EVID 500, 501

Vendor Documentation


Rule Name

Rule Type


Common Event

EVID 500/501

Base Rule

Audit : Other Audit

MS Windows PowerShell Event

EVID 500 : PS Cmd Execution Started

Sub Rule

Audit : Startup and Shutdown

Process/Service Started

EVID 501 : PS Cmd Execution Ended

Sub Rule

Audit : Startup and Shutdown

Process/Service Stopped

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema

Device Key in Log MessageLogRhythm SchemaData TypeSchema Description
Provider NameN/AN/AIdentifies the provider that logged the event. The Name and GUID attributes are included if the provider used an instrumentation manifest to define its events; otherwise, the EventSourceName attribute is included if a legacy event provider (using the Event Logging API) logged the event.
EventID Qualifiers="0"<vmid>NumberThe identifier that the provider used to identify the event.
Level<severity>StringThe severity level defined in the event.
Task<vendorinfo>StringThe task defined in the event. Task and opcode are typically used to identify the location in the application from where the event was logged.
KeywordsN/AN/AA bitmask of the keywords defined in the event. Keywords are used to classify types of events (for example, events associated with reading data).
TimeCreatedN/AN/AThe time stamp that identifies when the event was logged. The time stamp will include either the SystemTime attribute or the RawTime attribute.
EventRecordIDN/AN/AThe record number assigned to the event when it was logged.
ChannelN/AN/AThe channel to which the event was logged.
Computer<dname>Text/StringThe name of the computer on which the event occurred.
HostIdN/AN/A N/A 
RunspaceIdN/AN/A N/A 

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