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EVID 5 : Process Terminated (Sysmon)

Event Details

Event TypeProcess Terminated
Event Description5 : Reports when a process terminates.
Event ID5

Log Fields and Parsing

This section details the log fields available in this log message type, along with values parsed for both LogRhythm Default and LogRhythm Default v2.0 policies. A value of "N/A" (not applicable) means that there is no value parsed for a specified log field.

Log FieldLogRhythm DefaultLogRhythm Default v2.0
ProviderN/A N/A
VersionN/A N/A 
OpcodeN/A N/A 
KeywordsN/A <result>
TimeCreated N/A N/A 
EventRecordIDN/A N/A 
Correlation N/A N/A 
Execution N/A N/A 
ChannelN/A N/A 
Security N/A N/A 
ProcessGuidN/A N/A 
Image<object>, <objectname><process>
CommandLineN/A <command>
CurrentDirectoryN/A N/A
UserN/A <login>, <domainorigin> 
LogonidN/A <session>
TerminalSessionIdN/A N/A 
IntegrityLevelN/A N/A 
HashesN/A <hash>
ParentProcessGuidN/A N/A 
ParentProcessIdN/A <parentprocessid>
ParentImageN/A <parentprocesspath>

Log Processing Settings

This section details log processing changes made from the LogRhythm Default policy to LogRhythm Default v2.0. In some cases, base rules are broken down into sub-rules to appropriately parse log message types by their event types.

LogRhythm Default

Regex IDRule NameRule TypeCommon EventsClassifications

EVID 5 : Process Terminated

Base Rule

Process/Service Stopped

Startup and Shutdown

LogRhythm Default v2.0 

Regex IDRule NameRule TypeCommon EventsClassifications

V 2.0 : Process Start/Stop Events

Base Rule

General Process Information


V 2.0 : EVID 1 : Process CreationSub RuleProcess/Service Started
V 2.0 : EVID 5 : Process TerminationSub RuleProcess/Service StoppedStartup and Shutdown
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