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Catch All : Outlook Messages


Rule Name

Rule Type

Common Event


Catch All : Outlook MessagesBase RuleGeneral Outlook InformationOperations : Information
EVID 30 : Outlook Automatic ReconciliationSub RuleGeneral Outlook InformationInformation
EVID 32 : Outlook Catalog Checkpoint DetectedSub RuleGeneral Outlook InformationInformation
EVID 38 : Outlook Reconciliation CompletedSub RuleGeneral Outlook InformationInformation
EVID 45 : Outlook Startup EventSub RuleProcess/Service StartedStartup and Shutdown
EVID 63 : Outlook Web Service RequestSub RuleGeneral Outlook InformationInformation

Mapping with LogRhythm Schema  

Device Key in Log Message

LogRhythm Schema

Data Type

Provider Name<venderinfo>Text/String
EventID Qualifiers<vmid>Number
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