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Install the HA Software

Run the Install Script

  1. To launch the installation script, click Install.
    The HA Setup tool closes and a PowerShell window displays the appropriate script for an XM, PM, or DP.
  2. Press Enter to continue.
  3. If prompted, supply the password for the SQL sa account. If the script is able to connect to SQL via LogRhythm default or Windows credentials, you are not prompted for credentials.
    The script runs for several minutes.
  4. When complete, review the output for any errors. Then press Enter to reboot the system.

Configure HA on the Secondary HA Node

Repeat the same steps on the secondary node of the HA pair.

Do not reboot the secondary system until the primary system has completed rebooting, and do not reboot the primary system until the secondary system has completed rebooting.

(Optional) Import the XML Configuration File

  1. Click File, Import, XML, and then locate the XML file that was exported from the primary node.
  2. To validate the configuration, click Test.
  3. To launch the installation script, click Install.
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