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Table Chart Widget

Table chart widgets can be used to display the results of a search, in the form of a multi-column table, directly on the Dashboard. The results of this search are updated on the widget every time the Dashboard is refreshed.

Configure a Table Chart Widget

When configuring the table chart widget type, the following specifications are available:

Saved Search(Optional) Open the drop-list and select a Saved Search to use as the focus of the table chart.

Enter a title for the widget. 

The title is auto-generated if this field is left blank.

Adjust Table Chart Widget Columns

The columns of data displayed in a table chart widget can be customized in multiple ways. For example, resizing the widget displays more available columns. The widget can be resized to display as many or as few columns as desired.

Add or Remove Columns

Once the table chart widget is at the desired size, the columns displayed can be customized to show the data most relevant to you. To adjust the columns displayed in the widget:

  1. Click the columns menu at the top-right of the widget.
    A list of available columns appears.
  2. Check the columns that you would like to display in the widget, and uncheck the columns you'd like to remove.

    You can search for a specific column by typing its name in the Search field.

  3. Click outside the list of columns.
    The list closes and the widget updates to display the newly selected columns.

Sort Columns

Table chart widget data can be sorted by a specific column to better display the data that's most relevant to you. By default, the data is sorted by time in descending order.

To sort on a new column, click the arrow to the right of the name of the column you wish to sort.

The data in a table chart widget can only be sorted by one column at a time.

Filter a Table Chart Widget

Each column in a table chart widget can be filtered to remove extraneous data from the results. To filter a column in a table chart widget:

  1. Click in the Filter field below the desired column.
  2. Begin typing the item you wish to use as a filter.
    The results in the column are narrowed based on the filter criteria.
  3. Press Enter.
    The typed column is updated to only show results that matches the filter criteria.

    There are no limits to the number of columns that can be filtered at one time.

Remove Filters

When filters are applied to any number of columns in a table chart widget, Filter(s) Applied and the number of filters are shown at the top left. To remove the filters from the widget, click Clear All.

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