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Notes Widget

Notes widgets are used to display customizable text, links, and images using the Markdown formatting language. 

For information on how to use the Markdown language, see

Configure a Notes Widget

When configuring the notes widget type, the following specification is available:


Enter a title for the widget. 

The title is auto-generated if this field is left blank.

To finish customizing the widget, click Apply.

Edit the Content of a Notes Widget

The notes widget displays content generated using the Markdown formatting language. 

To change the content of a notes widget:

  1. Click the Edit icon in the bottom-right corner of the widget.

    Alternatively, double-click within the widget to start editing.

  2. Make changes to the widget's content using the Markdown language.

    Learn how to use the Markdown language and formatting at

  3. Click outside of the notes widget.
    The changes are saved successfully.

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