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Log Sources

Administrator permissions are required to access this feature.

Log sources are the basic building blocks of log collection in Axon. A log source is a unique source of log data collected from a host. Hosts can have one or more log sources.

Previously, there was an Add Log Source button at the top of this page in Axon. However, this button has been removed.

Log sources are created automatically in Axon when active Collectors bring in logs. Therefore, the manual process is not needed, as it created duplicate log sources in some instances.

View Log Sources

  1. In the lower-left corner of the main screen, click the Administration cog icon.
    The Administration menu appears on the left side.
  2. Under Integrations, click Log Sources.
    By default, the list of Active Log Sources appears. The table shows the following information for each log source:

    Log Source NameThe name of the log source with a link to its profile page.
    Log Source TypeThe Log Source Type the log source is assigned.
    Collector NameThe collector for the log source.
    Collector Type

    The Collector Type for the log source's collector.

    Last Log MessageThe date and time of the last log message received.

    For information on filtering columns in the table, see Filters.

  3. To view the list of retired log sources, click the Retired tab.

Available Actions on the Log Sources Page

What do you want to do?How do you do it?
View details for a log source.In the Log Source Name column, click the log source name.
View details for the log source's collector.In the Collector Name column, click the collector name.
Edit a log source.To the left of the log source name, click the vertical dots, and then click Edit.
Run a search on a log source.To the left of the log source name, click the vertical dots, and then click Run Search.
View the log sources associated with a collector.In the Log Sources column, click the number.
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