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There are tables and columns throughout Axon that can be filtered. These filters can include operators to narrow the results even further to your specifications.

To apply a filter:

  1. Under the header of the column you want to filter, click the Filter field and enter a filter value. 
    The default filter operator is Contains. While you are entering your filter value, the column automatically displays results that contain the specified filter value.

    You must enter at least three characters in the Filter field to enable filtering.

  2. To change the filter operator, click the Operator icon.
    A menu appears with the following filter operators:

    • Contains
    • Does not contain
    • Starts with
    • Ends with
    • Equals
    • Does not equal
  3. Click the filter operator you want to apply.

    When a filter is applied, information on the number of results and the number of filters applied appears above the table. 

    The following table shows an example for each filter operator:

    Operator NameFilter Example

    Column. User

    Filter value. john

    Operator. Contains

    Results include user display names or emails that contain john.

    Contains is the default filter operator.

    Does not contain

    Column. User

    Filter value. john

    Operator. Does not contain

    Results exclude user display names or emails that contain john.

    Starts with

    Column. User

    Filter value. der

    Operator. Starts with

    Results include user display names that start with der.

    Ends with

    Column. User

    Filter value. com

    Operator. Ends with

    Results include user emails that end with com.


    Column. Role

    Filter value. Analyst 

    Operator. Equals

    Results include users that are assigned the Analyst role.

    The Equals operator is case sensitive.

    Does not equal

    Column. Account Status

    Filter value. Invited

    Operator. Does not equal

    Results exclude users with an account status of Invited.

    The Does not equal operator is case sensitive.

  4. To remove filters, click Clear All above the table.
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