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Log Source Type Profile Page

Only Administrators can take this action.

  1. In the lower-left corner of the main screen, click the Administration cog.
    The Administration menu appears on the left side.
  2. Under Integrations, click Message Processing.
    The Log Source Type list appears.
  3. Click the log source type name in the table.
    The Log Source Type Profile Page appears. By default, the Overview tab is displayed with details about the log source type.
  4. To edit the details, click Edit Details on the right side.
  5. Modify the fields as applicable, and click Save & Publish.

Policies Tab

To view the list of processing policies associated with the log source type, click the Policies tab. The table shows the following information for each policy:

Policy NameThe name of the policy with a link to its profile page.
AuthorThe author of the policy.
StatusThe status of the policy is either Draft or Published.
Last ModifiedThe date and time when the policy was last modified.
VersionThe version changes when a user modifies the policy and publishes the changes.

Available Actions on the Policies Tab

What do you want to do?How do you do it?
Edit an existing policy.To the left of the policy name, click the three-dot menu, and then click Edit Policy.

Retire an existing policy.

A retired policy is no longer used to process logs.

To the left of the log source name, click the three-dot menu, and then click Retire.

To show or hide retired policies, click the Show Retired toggle button.

Create a new policy for the log source type.

For more information, see Policy Builder Overview.

On the right side, click + Create Policy.

Export Log Source Type Policies

In order to share log source types with other users, you can export them from your Axon UI to an .lre (LogRhythm Export) file.

This action is also described on the Message Processing main page.

Export log source type policies using the following steps:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Log Source Type Overview page, click Actions.
  2. Click Export.
    The Export window appears.
  3. Check each policy that you would like to be included in the export file.
  4. Click Export.
    The log source type and its selected policies are saved to the machine as an .lre file.

    When log source types are imported by Axon, they are not checked for functional policies. Please ensure that your policies have been tested for errors or conflicts before importing or sharing.

    Log source types can also be exported from the Log Source Type Profile Page.

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