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Donut Chart Widget

Donut chart widgets can be used to display the results of a search, in the form of a donut/circle graph, directly on the Dashboard. The results of this search are updated on the widget every time the Dashboard is refreshed.

Configure a Donut Chart Widget

When configuring the donut chart widget type, the following specifications are available:



Saved Search(Optional.) Open the drop-list and select a Saved Search to use as the focus of the donut chart.
Primary Metric

Select a primary metric to display in the donut chart.

Click in the field and scroll or search to find a metric.

Display blank values

Check this option to include blank values in the widget results. By default, blank values are not displayed in widget results.

This option is also available for the Submetric.


(Optional.) Click Add Submetric to include a submetric in the donut chart, which allows you to click on individual "slices" of the primary metric to filter that "slice" by the submetric.

Submetric donut charts are useful for drilling down and getting more details about the data displayed in the widget.

By adding submetrics to the donut chart configuration, the information displayed can be refined to be more specific. Each metric will have "child" submetrics associated with it, allowing you to examine individual "slices" of each metric.

Click in the field and scroll or search to find a submetric.


Enter a title for the widget. 

The title is auto-generated if this field is left blank.

To finish customizing the widget, click Apply.

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