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AWS S3 Beat

Version 6.2.2

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive cloud platform that offers more than 165 fully featured services, including:

  • Enterprise file storage
  • File sharing
  • Environment segregation
  • Identity and access management
  • Virtual machine hosting

Logs provided by AWS include:

  • CloudTrail
    • Core AWS information
    • An audit trail for the AWS environment
    • User and group management
    • Virtual machine (VM) creation
  • CloudWatch
    • Alarms
    • Events
    • Logs
    • Metrics
  • Cloud Config
    • AWS resource inventory
    • Configuration history
    • Configuration change notifications


Can I use a single instance of the S3 beat to collect from multiple AWS S3 regions?

Yes. When configuring the S3 beat, you may add multiple SQS:Region combinations. These must be accessible with the same set of secret/access keys.

Can I use multiple sets of secret/access keys with a single instance of the S3 beat?

No, an instance of the S3 beat has a 1:1 relationship with a set of secret/access keys. If you require a second set of secret/access keys for another SQS queue, you must create a second instance of the S3 beat.

The information provided about working with AWS may change as Amazon updates its products. For additional questions on working with AWS, see the official AWS documentation.
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