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Manually Update the System Monitor Configuration File

We recommend manually updating the configuration file for UNIX/Linux OS agents only. Windows OS configuration changes should be made by using the LogRhythm System Monitor Local Configuration Manager.

  1. Open the scsm.ini file. The default UNIX/Linux file path is: /opt/logrhythm/scsm/config/scsm.ini.
    The table below lists the scsm.ini field names that are configurable for UNIX/Linux OS.

    Field NameDescriptionValue TypeExample Field Value

    The IP address of the machine with the System Monitor.

    If your deployment uses Network Address Translation (NAT), you must specify an address index for ClientAddress. Using an index instead of a static IP address ensures that communication with the Data Processor is not interrupted if the IP address of the System Monitor changes.
    IP AddressIP address:
    Address index:
    eth0 (for UNIX/Linux OS)
    HostThe IP address of the machine with the Data Processor.IP AddressIP address:
    ServerPortThe port used by the Data Processor.Integer443
    ClientPortThe port used by the System Monitor.Integer0
  2. Adjust any other parameters to align with any changes to the default Data Processor settings.
  3. Save and close the file.
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