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Network Interfaces.

On systems with four or more network interfaces, the NetMon installation bonds interfaces 5 and 6 to create the bond0 interface. This is the default input interface (network TAP) for NetMon. Additionally, the first network interface will be configured to start when the NetMon system starts.

Whenever a new interface is added, the script can be used to create the necessary CentOS network configuration files for NetMon. The script also updates NetMon configuration files to use the new interfaces.

  • If you are using DHCP, type sudo /usr/local/probe/scripts/ -m <management interface> -r <recovery interface> -b <bonded interface>,<bonded interface>,…

    • The comma-separated list of bonded interfaces is where you can add the new interfaces on the PCI card.

    • To specify a single interface to capture, use -c instead of -b.

  • If you are using a Static IP, type sudo /usr/local/probe/scripts/ -m <management interface> - r <recovery interface> -b <bonded interface>,<bonded interface>,… -i <static IP> -s <netmask> -g <gateway>

    • As with DHCP, you can specify where the new PCI card interfaces are used and how.

For help with using the script, run the following command:
sudo /usr/local/probe/scripts/ -h

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