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Memory Diagnostics Charts

The Memory charts show statistics for the operating system memory of the NetMon appliance.

Memory Charts

System Memory Statistics

Total system memory divided into three categories: Free Memory (RAM available for processing), Used Memory (RAM currently utilized), and Total Memory (total RAM available for the system and OS).

System Swap Statistics

Total usage of the swap filesystem.

Virtual Memory Usage

Displays Linux reported memory usage per process in NetMon.

Allocated Memory

Displays Allocated Memory per executable in NetMon.

Memory Slack

Displays Size of Memory Slack (unmapped memory + heap free list) per executable in NetMon.

Heap Size

Displays Size of Heap per executable in NetMon.

Object Thread Cache

Displays Size of the Small Object Thread Cache per executable in NetMon.

DPI Raw Message Size

Displays average DPI Raw Message size (serialized data size) for each active thread in NetMon Rules Engine.

DPI Proto Message Size

Displays average DPI Proto Message size as calculated using SpaceUsed on the proto message for each active thread in NetMon Rules Engine.

Number of Free and Used Messages

Displays the number of messages currently in use and currently in the free pool.

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