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Manage Deep Packet Analytics Rules

On the Deep Packet Analytics configuration page, you can:

  • Enable existing system rules or create new rules
  • Download and view system rules
  • Download, edit, and delete custom rules

To access the page, click Rules on the top navigation bar of the NetMon Web Management interface, and then click the Deep Packet Analytics Rules tab.

The following details are included for each rule:

NameThe name of the rule as defined in the rule itself.
DescriptionA description of what the rule does.
AuthorThe name or ID of the person who created the rule.
ModifiedThe date and time when the rule was last modified.
ScopeThe scope of the rule (PACKET or FLOW).
ErrorIndicates any errors and the type of error in the selected rule.

Icons to enable actions by the user:

Download Rule
View Rule (System rules only)
Edit Rule (Custom rules only)
Delete Rule (Custom rules only)
Undo Changes (Custom rules only)

Existing rules are sorted by their modification date, with most recently modified rules appearing at the bottom of the table.

Available Actions

  • To enable a rule, click the toggle to the left of the rule name ON. To disable a rule, click the toggle to the left of the rule name OFF. Alternatively, you can edit the rule and enable or disable it within the editor.
  • To sort the table, click on any of the column names that include the sorting icon. The table is sorted in descending order by the selected column. To sort in ascending order, click the same column again.
  • If you make changes to any of the rules, click Apply Changes to commit your changes.
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