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Get Metadata Fields from DpiMessage (String, Int, Long)

function Flow_GetFieldFromDpiMessage (dpiMsg, ruleEngine)
  if (IsFinalShortFlow(dpiMsg)) then
    require 'LOG'
    -- Example for Internal fields.
    local protocol = GetString(dpiMsg, "Internal", "applicationpath");
    local srcport = GetInt(dpiMsg, "Internal", "srcport");
    local messageSize = GetLong(dpiMsg, "Internal", "messagesize");
    EZINFO("Src Port: ", srcport);
    EZINFO("Message Size: ", messageSize);
    local app = GetLatestApplication(dpiMsg);
    if (app == 'http') then
      local uri = GetString(dpiMsg, "http", "uri_full");
      local code = GetInt(dpiMsg, "http", "code");
      local contentLen = GetLong(dpiMsg, "http", "content_len");
      EZINFO("URI: ", uri);
      EZINFO("HTTP CODE: ", code);
      EZINFO("HTTP CONTENT LENGTH: ", contentLen);
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