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Engine Diagnostics Charts

The Engine charts show performance details of NetMon's packet-processing component (the Engine).

Engine Charts

Packet Processing Statistics

Displays number of packets per second processed and filtered out. Statistics include:

  • Internal PCAP Failed. The packets per second that the PCAP (packet capturing) component failed to send to the packet routing components.
  • Internal Worker Failed. The packets per second that the packet processor (the Worker) failed to process.
  • Filtered Out. The packets per second that NetMon filtered out. NetMon filters out and discards packets based on IP filter and application filter configuration settings.
  • Internal Capture Failed. The packets per second that the NetMon packet routing components failed to send to the ixEngine worker components.
  • Processed. The packets per second that NetMon successfully processed.
Engine Queue UsageDisplays the percentage usage of queue capacity. Queue sizes are Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L).

Sessions Started

Displays the number of client-server sessions started per second on the network.

Sessions Active

Displays total number of currently active sessions across the network.

Packet Deviance Statistics

Displays the average number of CPU cycles it takes to process a packet on the network. "Average Deviant Packet Time" represents the CPU cycles necessary to process "deviant" packets (any that are more than 500 times more CPU-intensive than "average" packets). It is common at startup to witness deviance, as an average has yet to be established.

Packet Thread Distribution

Displays the number of packets processed per engine thread.

Failure Thread Distribution

Displays the number of failed packets per engine thread.

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