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Configure the NetMon on a VMware vSphere Virtual Machine

If you are running NetMon on a VMware vSphere virtual machine (VM), you must run a script ( to ensure that the correct management and capture interfaces are detected and that interface selection works as expected.

To access the configuration utility:

  1. Run a normal install. For more information, see Install NetMon Software.

  2. Log in to the NetMon console using the logrhythm account.

  3. Run the script:

    1. If you are using DHCP, type sudo /usr/local/probe/scripts/ -m <management interface> -r <recovery interface> -b <bonded interface>,<bonded interface>,…

      • The comma-separated list of bonded interfaces is where you can add the new interfaces on the
        PCI card.

      • To specify a single interface to capture, use -c instead of -b.

    2. If you are using a Static IP, type sudo /usr/local/probe/scripts/ -m <management interface> -r <recovery interface> -b <bonded interface>,<bonded interface>,… -i <static IP> -s <netmask> -g <gateway>

      • As with DHCP, you can specify where the new PCI card interfaces are used and how.

For help with using the script, run the following command:
sudo /usr/local/probe/scripts/ -h

  1. Restart the system.

  2. On the Linux console, run ip a to see the IP of the NetMon system.

  3. Finish the configuration.

Users are responsible for directing traffic to a VM-hosted NetMon. For assistance, see the VMware website (

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