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Add an Upgrade File to NetMon.

After downloading the upgrade package, follow the instructions below to add the upgrade file:

To upgrade NetMon, you must be logged in with administrator privileges.

  1. Open the NetMon Web Management interface.

  2. Either drag your license file into the uploader, or click Upload a license file, browse to and select the upgrade file you downloaded from the LogRhythm Community, and then click Open.
    When the file name appears on the Upgrade & License Network Monitor page, the official hash also appears.

  3. Verify the hash before proceeding, and then click Upload All.
    NetMon uploads and unpacks the file, and the system restarts when it is done. This process takes a few minutes.

After the upgrade completes, the Upgrade & License Network Monitor page continues to display the  old application version until you refresh the page.

The default time zone for NetMon is Americas/Denver. To change this setting, open a command line and enter sudo timedatectl set-timezone <time zone>. To find the string that corresponds to your time zone, use the command sudo tzselect.

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