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Monitor Users

In addition to responding to incidents, analysts can also monitor and research activities associated with specific users.

To monitor users:

  1. In the main menu, click the Users tab, and then click Highlighted Users.
    The Highlighted Users screen appears.
    Highlighted users are organized into three columns:

    Column NameColumn Description
    NotableUsers that have the highest score.
    WatchedUsers manually marked as watched because of a potential compromise or because they have exhibited suspicious behavior.
    CriticalUsers who need to be monitored more closely because they are critical to the organization (for example, VPs or high-level executives).
  2. To view the details of a specific user, click the User.
    The User Details screen appears.
    The following table lists the sections displayed on the User Details screen with the location and a brief description.

    User Directory and User ScoreUpper left-sideContains the user's picture, name, position, and contact information. Also shows the user's MistNet NDR severity score and number of incidents associated with the user.
    User Score Time ChartUpper right-sideDisplays the user's score progression over time.
    User ActivityLower half

    Contains a graph of the user's security events over time and a searchable list of the user's activity.

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