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Manage Users

User Roles

The following roles are available for user management:

User RoleCapability
Administrator Full control over LogRhythm NDR settings and views.
Security AnalystProvides ability to view incident data, investigate users and hosts, label a user or host as Critical or Watched, and mark incidents.
Read-only Security Analyst

Only able to view incident data and investigate users and hosts.

Create a New User

Only Administrators can take this action.

  1. In the main menu, click Settings, then Operational, then Operators.
  2. Click Add Operator.
  3. Complete the user information fields. (All but Description are mandatory). 
    (Optional) To activate the user immediately, check the Status box.
  4. Click Create Operator to confirm creation of the new user account.
    The newly created operator user displays in the Operator list.
  5. To delete the user, click the trash icon next to the username and confirm deletion.
  6. To modify the user, click the pen icon next to the username.
  7. To deactivate the user, uncheck the Status box.
  8. To reset a forgotten password, delete and recreate the user.
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