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EULA Pop Up Message

  1. Log in to LogRhythm NDR’s new UI.
    The End User License Agreement (EULA) dialog box appears displaying the Terms and Conditions.

  2. To accept the terms and conditions, click I Accept.
    When the user selects the I Accept option, the dialog box is terminated and the NDR Dashboard is displayed.

  3. To decline the terms and conditions, click I Decline.

  4. If the user selects the I Decline option, a new dialog box is displayed stating “You have chosen to decline the End User License Agreement and will be returned to the login screen. You will be presented with the option to Accept or Decline again on your next login attempt”.

  5. The user can now select either the Logout or Back to EULA buttons.
    If the user clicks Logout, the user is logged out of the application.
    If the user clicks Back to EULA, the EULA dialog box reappears.

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