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Add and Upload Networks

  1. Log in to the LogRhythm NDR UI.
  2. Click the Networks tab. In the drop-down menu, click All Networks.
    The All Network page appears.
  3. In the lower-left corner, click Add Network.
  4. To add a single network, enter the network information in the fields that appear:
    • Network. Enter the network name.
    • Active. Click the check box to indicate the network is active.
    • Network Info. Enter the network IP Address.
  5. Click Create Network.
    The newly added network appears in the Network Table.
  6. (Optional) To add multiple networks, click the check box next to Upload CSV File.
    The CSV file should be formatted as shown (with column headers):
    IP status details Active ABC 1
  7. Click Choose File and select the file you want to upload from your directory.
  8. Click Upload.
  9. After the screen refreshes, verify that the uploaded networks appear in the Network Table.
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