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Test SmartResponse Plugin Actions

Only Global Admins or Restricted Admins with elevated View and Manage privileges can take this action.

You can test any of the actions available in SmartResponse Plugins that are loaded in the SmartResponse Plugin Manager.

The action is run against live data in your deployment. Ensure that the action you want to test will not have a damaging or negative impact when it runs.

To test a plugin action:

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  2. On the File menu, click Administration, and then click SmartResponse Plugin Manager.
  3. In the upper grid, select one of the available plugins.
  4. In the lower grid, double-click the action you want to test.
    The SmartResponse Action Properties dialog box appears.
    The Parameters grid displays the script for the selected action and all the command line parameters that can be passed to the action.

    The Script row is fixed and cannot be modified. All other rows can be modified.

  5. Chose one of the following for the Type column. Your choice determines the options available for the Value column:
    1. Constant Value. Requires a manual entry in the Value column, to be used when running the script. Requires user input.
    2. Alarm Field. Requires a specific metadata field be selected in the Value column. Does not require user input but you can change which field is selected.

      For fields whose type is Encrypted Value, you need to enter a value in the Value column. The value is masked as it is typed.

  6. Configure the Value fields as needed.
  7. For time-based metadata fields, you can specify a timezone and format to use in the Time Zone and Time Format columns.
  8. For parameters that use Alarm Field, specify a value in Test Value to be passed to the script.
  9. Under Test Settings, select the host to execute the SmartResponse action, as follows:
    • From Platform Manager. Run the SmartResponse on the Platform Manager.
    • From System Monitor Hosts. Run the SmartResponse from a deployed System Monitor by doing the following:
      1. Click the Browse button.
      2. Select the Entity to which the host belongs.
      3. If you want, you can filter the list of hosts by entering search criteria in the Text Filter box, and then click Apply.
      4. Select the System Monitor host on which to run the SmartResponse, and then click OK.
    • From Console Host. Run the SmartResponse on the host from which you are running the Client Console.
  10. Next to the Script box, click Test.
    The confirmation message appears.

    The action is run against live data in your deployment. Ensure that the action you want to test will not have a damaging or negative impact when it runs.

  11. To continue testing the action, click Yes. To cancel and return to the action properties, click No.
    The action is executed, and the results appear below Results, either Executed: Success or Executed: Failure.
  12. To view the details of the test, click View Details.
    A summary of the test appears in the SmartResponse Action Test Details window.
  13. When you are finished, click Close.
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