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Set Up Remote Log Collection

Only Global Admins and Restricted Admins with elevated View and Manage privileges can take this action.

  1. Establish domain authentication credentials to use for accessing logs.
  2. Ensure the Agent service is set to run under the proper credentials. For more information, see Work With System Monitor Agents.
  3. Log in to the Client Console using administrator credentials.
  4. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • Use the Windows Host Wizard to add the host, agent, and log source records in an automated fashion.
    • Manually create the appropriate records and configure settings:
      1. Create a host record for the system. For more information, see Host Records.
      2. Establish a Log Processing (MPE) Policy to apply to the logs, or use a provided default.
      3. Add a Log Message Source to the host's System Monitor Agent. For more information, see Log Sources.
      4. Configure the host's local System Monitor Agent to collect the logs.
      5. Configure the message source. For more information, see Add a Single Log Source.
      6. Repeat the preceding steps for each local log source to be collected (for example, Windows Application Event Log and Windows System Event Log).
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