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Log in to the Web Console


  • A computer running Google Chrome (version 54 or higher is recommended), Mozilla Firefox (version 50.0.1 or higher is recommended), or Internet Explorer 11.

The Web Console is not supported on tablets, mobile devices, or touch screens.

  • LogRhythm Enterprise login credentials.
  • The IP address or Server name where the Platform Manager Database resides.
  • The Web Console must be properly configured with an SSL Public Key, SSL Private Key, and, for Smart Card access only, Certificate Authority Trust.

For more information, see the LogRhythm Software Installation Guide or Upgrade Guide.

Cookies must be enabled on your browser to log in to the Web Console. If you are having trouble logging in to the Web Console, ensure cookies are enabled, and restart your browser.

If you are using Microsoft Edge, it is also recommended that you disable the page prediction feature on the Settings > View Advanced Settings page.

  1. In the address bar of a supported browser, type the following:
    • A secure URL prefix (https://).
    • The host name, fully qualified domain name, or IP address of the server hosting the Web Console. Localhost only works if you are on the web server.
    • 8443 for the port. Your LogRhythm administrator may have configured a different port when installing the Web Console. If the port was changed to 443, you do not need to include the default 443 number in the address bar. 
      If your organization has more than one Web Console deployment, you can log in to any of them, but search results are only available in the deployment you ran the search in.

      For example, https://servername:8443/

  2. Sign in using one of the following methods, according to what your administrator has configured:
    • Enter LogRhythm credentials.
      1. On the Sign-in screen, type your LogRhythm account credentials. To be able to log in to the Web Console, your user password cannot:
        • Contain a space character.
        • Contain an apostrophe.
        • Contain a single quote, double-quote, or semicolon.
        • Start with the $ or @ character.
          If your password includes any of the restricted characters, it needs to be changed before you can log in to the Web Console.
      2. Click Sign in.
    • Use a Smart Card.
      1. Insert your Smart Card into the reader.
      2. Select your corresponding certificate.

        LogRhythm can authenticate Smart Cards provisioned in either of the following ways:

        • The LogRhythm account name matches the common name (CN) stored in the subject of the Smart Card certificate.

        • The LogRhythm account has been associated with a defined User Principal Name (UPN) that matches the UPN stored as a subject alternative name on the Smart Card certificate.

      3. Type the PIN associated with your Smart Card. Click OK.
        You are required to have a LogRhythm account before your Smart Card gives you access to the Web Console. If you are authenticated by Smart Card, but do not have corresponding authorization to access LogRhythm, you cannot be logged in. Instead, you are presented with a screen indicating that you were authenticated but are not authorized to access LogRhythm. Contact the LogRhythm administrator to request access.

        Smart Card functionality is managed solely through the corresponding certificate authority and the browser. LogRhythm does not control the interface, workflow, authentication of certificates, or validation of Smart Card user accounts and PINs. If your Smart Card is misconfigured, LogRhythm cannot provide assistance.

    • Type a one-time password (OTP).

      1. On the Sign-in screen, type your LogRhythm account credentials.

      2. Click Sign in.

      3. If you haven’t already done so, set up a multi-factor authentication device.

        1. Download an authentication tool, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy, onto your smartphone.

        2. Scan the QR code displayed by the Web Console using the camera on your mobile device.

      4. Type the code generated by your multi-factor authentication application.

      5. Click Sign in.

        If you misconfigure your multi-factor authentication application or lose the device it is configured on, this feature can be reset through the Client Console. Open the Deployment Manager, click the People tab, and right-click your user name. Then click Reset Multi-Factor Authentication. On the next login, you are prompted to associate your account with a new multi-factor authentication device.

        LogRhythm’s multi-factor authentication uses time-based authentication. This method requires that the two device clocks be synchronized. If the server where the authentication is being performed has a different time, then the authentication does not work until the clock is corrected. However, this feature works regardless of time zone differences.

  3. The Web Console opens in the browser.
  4. To log out of the Web Console, Click the User icon.

  5. In the dialog box, click Logout.

    After logging out, users who had authenticated with a Smart Card / Common Access Card should quit their browser to ensure that the client certificate is fully unloaded from the browser cache.

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