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Install the RBP Calculator

  1. Verify that your deployment meets the prerequisites.
    • RBP Calculator works with LogRhythm 7.1.5 and later, and with all versions of LogRhythm Knowledge Base and SQL Server.
    • Read-only access to the LogRhythm EMDB (Platform Manager Database) is required. RBP Calculator connects to the EMDB to query known hosts from the deployment, as well as content for RBP Calculator list boxes from the CommonEvent, AIERule, and MsgClass tables. Global RBP settings are also queried from the EMDB. Data is never written to the EMDB. All access is read-only.
  2. Download the RBP Calculator from the LogRhythm Community.
  3. Copy the RBP Calculator installer (signed MSI) to the LogRhythm Platform Manager (PM) or another Windows machine that has network connectivity to the PM’s EMDB (port 1433).
  4. Run the Installer as an Administrator.
    The RBP Calculator is installed to C:\Program Files\LogRhythm\LogRhythm RBP Calculator.

    You can uninstall the RBP Calculator software from the Programs and Features link in the Windows Control Panel.

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