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This page uses adding filters to an Alarm Rule as an example. The names of windows and setting options vary slightly depending on where you are creating or modifying a filter.

On the Notify tab of the Filter Editor you can set notifications for roles on the affected host, people, and groups.

For AI Engine rules, notifications do not work if the Alarm on event occurrence check box is not selected on the Settings tab.

You can also set any notification to

  • Is Silent. A notification is created and saved for audit and report purposes, but is not sent.
  • Can Batch. Notifications are sent in timed batches rather than as they occur.

To set notifications

  1. Select the boxes in the Selected column to include roles you want to notify.
  2. To notify people, click the Add Person button. 
    The Person Selector window appears.
  3. Select an item in the Person Record Type Filter to populate the Person list.
  4. Select the people you want to notify for this alarm. Press Ctrl to select more than one person.

    If you are using data segregation to limit alarm notifications to only people who have access to a certain entity, each recipient on this tab must have an associated user profile that grants them access to that entity. For more information, see User Profile Manager.

    Use the filter options to shorten the list. Enter characters you want to match, select Keyword or Regex, and then click Apply. Only items that contain the characters you entered appear.

  5. To return to the Alarm Rule window, click OK.
  6. To include groups you want to notify, select the boxes in the Selected column.
  7. When you complete the Notify tab, click Next to move to the next tab.
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