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Edit Sorting Properties for System Base MPE Rules

  1. On the Tools menu, click Knowledge, and then click MPE Rule Builder.
    The Rule Builder window appears.
  2. On the main toolbar, click the folder icon in the icon bar.
    The Rule Browser opens.

  3. Select a Log Source Type from the list on the left side of the window.

  4. On the Rule Browser menu, click Edit, and then click Edit Base-rule Sorting.

  5. When the Rule Validation dialog box appears, click OK.
    The Rule Sorter window appears for the selected Log Source type. The following apply to the Rule Sorter window:

    • All rules appear in the grid from top to bottom in ascending order by sort order.

    • Clicking one of the arrows on the left changes the static ordering by moving the selected row(s) up or down in the list.

    • Only rules that have the Auto-Sort checked may also have values in the Sort Above lists.

    • Toggling the value of the Auto-Sort check box for a rule causes its Custom Sort Above value to be cleared.

    • Clicking any Sort Above cell on a manually sorted rule has no effect.

    • The Sort Above System check box and Custom Sort Above columns are never enabled for System rules.

  6. Click the Custom Sort Above cell on an auto-sorted rule to open the Sort Above List window.

  7. Select the Base Rules you want to sort above the rule selected in the Rule Sorter.

  8. Click OK. The selected Base Rules appears in the Custom Sort Above cell by MPERuleRegexID.

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