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Configure a System Monitor for SNMP Trap Receiver

  1. On the main toolbar, click Deployment Manager.
  2. Click the System Monitors tab.
  3. Double-click the System Monitor you want in the bottom grid.

    The System Monitor Agent Properties window appears.

  4. Click the SNMP Trap Receiver tab.

  5. Select the Enable SNMP Trap Receiver check box.

  6. Complete the Address and Port fields in the Listener Settings section.
    The Address field can contain an IP address or the network interface card (NIC) to use, such as 0.

  7. Select the SNMP version from the Add SNMP Settings list.

    • SNMP v1/v2. Supports only one Community string.

    • SNMP v3. Supports only one authenticated user, and it supports encryption using the 3DES, AES, and DES algorithms.

      If incoming data does not match entries in the Community, Authentication, or Encryption fields, a log is written to the scsm.log file and the trap is discarded.
  8. Complete the remaining fields according to the selected SNMP version:

    • SNMP v1/v2

      1. Enter a Community name, and then click Add.
        The new entry appears under SNMP Connection(s).

      2. Repeat for each additional SNMP trap receiver.

    • SNMP v3

      1. Complete the following fields:

        1. User Name. Enter the user name for the SNMP trap receiver.

        2. Password. Enter the password for the SNMP trap receiver.

        3. Confirm Password. Confirm the password for the SNMP trap receiver.

        4. Encryption Password. If required, enter the encryption password.

        5. Confirm Encryption Password. If required, confirm the encryption password.

        6. Algorithm. Select the appropriate encryption algorithm from the list.

      2. Click Add.
        The new entry appears under SNMP Connection(s).

      3. Repeat for each set of SNMP credentials that you want to add.

  9. Click Apply, and then click OK to return to the System Monitors tab.

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