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Troubleshoot Centralized Service Metrics

Below are some potential issues that may arise with this feature and troubleshooting tips on how to resolve them.

I'm receiving errors in the LogRhythm Metrics Collection log stating that the plugin took longer to collect than collection interval.

You may see an error in your LogRhythm Metrics Collection log. This could be due to some latency on your network or if the system is trying to collect too many metrics. If you continue to see this problem, you may want to adjust the collection interval on your dashboard or edit the configuration to disable some of the metrics collection, such as disk stats.

I set up alerts but I'm not seeing anything in my email.

Take a look at InfluxData's website regarding Kapacitor. LogRhythm does not support this functionality at this time, but you may be able to set up an integration using this connector.

I'm not seeing any information on one of my servers.

Check the Metrics Collection service on that server to make sure it is started and operational.

I'm seeing a Templating init failed error in Grafana and my graphs are blank.

The Metrics Collection.log may show Could not write to any InfluxDB server in cluster. Check the Metrics Database service to make sure it is running.

I cannot get to Grafana to see my Metrics.

Check the Metrics Web UI service and log to make sure it is running.

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