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An icon is a small graphic in the Web Console that you can select to perform tasks, such as opening a dialog box. See the following tables for descriptions of the different icons and their functions.

If an icon is gray in the Web Console, its function is either not available on the current page or it will be available in a future release.

Static Icons
(available on the top right)


Opens a dialog box for selecting user interface settings and logging out.


Opens a dialog box for selecting administrative features.

Toolbar Icons

Pause Live Data

Pauses the live data connection and changes to a Resume icon:


Dashboard Time Range Filter

Filters TopX widgets on the Dashboards page and Analyze page using the time frame set in this configuration area.

Add Widget

Displays a list of available widgets to add to a dashboard.


Saves the changes you made to widgets in a new dashboard.

Dashboard Layout

Opens a list of dashboards and includes buttons to create new views.


Reverts to the previously saved dashboard or to the default dashboard (if the current one was not saved).


Opens a print dialog so you can print the current page.

The Print feature is currently only available on the Dashboard and Analyze pages.


Opens a query field for performing Lucene search.

New Case

Opens the New Case dialog box to create a new case.

Widget, Card, and Panel Icons


Displays settings options, element-specific data, and any available actions.


Opens the Analyze page, which shows detailed log or event data.


Opens the Edit Settings dialog where you can modify various properties of a widget, a case, a search, and so on.


Deletes widgets, searches, cases, and so on.

Add to Case

Creates a new case based on the selected alarms or adds an alarm to the selected case.

Alarm Added to Case

Displays on alarm cards. Indicates how many cases the alarm is associated with.


Displays on alarm cards. Indicates how many comments have been made about the alarm.


Updates the current content from the Analyzer grid with the latest cached content.
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