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Filter Cases

You can open the Filter Cases filter from the top of the Current Case panel or from the Associated Cases section of the Current Case panel. Click on the Filter icon to the right of the typeahead filter and the Filter Cases dialog box opens.

To use the filter:

  1. In the Name or Case # typeahead filter, type all or part of the case name or case number.
  2. To filter by owner, select the owner you want to filter by from the Owner list.
  3. To view cases in which you are a collaborator, click Collaborator.
  4. To filter by tags, add any of the tags you want to filter by in the Tags field.
  5. To filter by Priority & Status, click the arrow next to Priority & Status.The Filter Cases dialog box expands to include check boxes for priorities and statuses.
    • The Priorities section includes a check box for each priority level. Select or clear the check box for each priority level, as appropriate. When a box is selected, it is shown in blue.
    • The Status section has a Quick Select field and a status tree. When a box is selected, it is shown in blue.
      • To instantly select cases that are Open or Closed, click the corresponding button.
        • When Open is clicked, Created, Incident, and Mitigated are selected in the status tree.
        • When Closed is clicked, Completed and Resolved are selected in the status tree.
      • To select or clear filter options in the status tree, select or clear the corresponding check box for that status.

        When a check box is selected or cleared in the status tree, all check boxes that are downstream are also selected or cleared, respectively. You can individually select or clear the Completed and Resolved check boxes because they do not have any additional statuses downstream. 

  6. To filter by evidence type,  select the type you want to filter by from the Evidence Type list.

  7. When all of the filters are set, click Close & Apply or press Enter.

    To reset the filters, click Reset. This automatically selects all priority levels and statuses.

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